Fiesta Mk7.5 Under Bonnet Mirrors 2013-2017


The long awaited under bonnet mirror plates for the facelift fiesta MK7.5’s.

These are made from a mirror polished stainless steel and precision laser cut.

On the reverese side there will be 3M VHB RP Double sided tape which will hold these plates in place offering extraordinary strength.

We are also supplying in our kits the 3M™ VHB Cleaner Shachets, these must be used prior to installation and are mixed with water to create a solvent used to clean a surface prior to adhesion.

Prior to any installation please degrease/wash the underside of the bonnet and then use the 3m solvent wipes supplied before fitting the mirror plates.

All orders will be shipped out within 2 weeks.

The image shows our mock up pieces and fully installed pictures will be available very soon.

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