Auto Elixir Illuminate Interior Detailer 250ml


Illuminate Interior Detailer

Auto Elixir Illuminate is one of the most advanced interior detailing products on the market today for protecting interior plastics and exterior plastics alike.

Unlike many other dressings, Auto Elixir Illuminate produces a lasting satin look finish that repels soiling and staining; surfaces will therefore stay cleaner for longer, reducing the need for regular maintenance.

Illuminate is ideal for all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces inside and out, and under the bonnet. It gives excellent results on dashboards, door cards, tyres, exterior trims and engine bay trims, and regular use will prevent the drying, cracking and fading that often results from heat and overexposure of such surfaces to the sun’s rays.

Not only will Illuminate leave your interior plastics clean and protected but it also has a pleasant fragrance consisting of rhubarb and rose.


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